We Are Legado

Our company was founded by four women entrepreneurs that burst on to the market to create and innovate a new line of spirits. We each grew up with modest beginnings and individually walked a path of hard work, humility, and perseverance. Together, our obsession with finely crafted spirits, entrepreneurial passion, and fiercely creative energy will provide a fresh outlook to traditional tastes and rock the spirits industry.


our market

Local- National- International

Our company is Sacramento proud and we plan on incorporating that in our local market focus. With all founders well established in the area through their entrepreneurial success and philanthropy, our local marketing campaign is focused on brand recognition through events, regional media outlets, and social media.

Our national brand recognition and strategy will be designed to align our company vision of innovation, with our target market, millennials and women. A demographic that the distillery industry rarely taps in to, we see this as our opportunity to spark in them the same love we have for whiskey, through our finely crafted spirits.

Legado will support the consumer marketing efforts of its importers and distributors all over the world. The Company will work closely with them on the development and execution of creative marketing strategies to build brand awareness and generate sales at the end-consumer level.